Terms of Service/Use

Cisco Development Terms of Service/Use

My credits may not be removed from any items or services. This contains both paid and unpaid items. You can only do so if I give you permission.
I have the right to refuse to allow you to distribute my work you must first confirm with me.
Refunds are uncommon, and if they do occur, they must be approved by Cisco. Any attempt at a chargeback will result in the termination of all assets.
Any attempt or threat of a chargeback is strictly prohibited, and any attempt or threat will result in termination of all assets.
Without my written consent, you may not resell, leak, or publicly distribute my work. We will revoke your access to your Assets if caught

We reserve the right to refuse any user's request for a custom order.
The Terms of Service for Cisco Development may change at any time for any reason.
If you are proven to be in a leaking server, you may be suspended or terminated at any moment.

All payments are made through our website and only our website. Commissions will be procced via an invoice.
Cisco is not obligated to provide support to any of any of the clients.
Any of the Cisco development products could be obfuscated (locked).
We will not be held liable for any damage our assets may cause to your computer.

Last updated 6/28/2022 | 5:47 PM

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